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Welcome to Data Recovery Centre

Data Recovery

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Hard disk crash? Don't panic!

Data Recovery Centre can help you!

- we recover your lost data!
The state-of-the-art data recovery facilities in Ibas, Edge Data Solutions are geared up to handle the simple to the most complex data recovery jobs. We offer data recovery services like; hard disk recovery, raid recovery, tape recovery, photo recovery and more.
We are dedicated to customers and their goals are to provide you with an optimal technical result. Our customer care team will guide you continuously and easily through the data recovery process, 24/7/365. With twenty-nine (29) years' experience in data recovery we know your problem. Experience Ibas!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 12:55

The Expert Behind Data Recovery Centre

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Choosing the right professional data recovery centre is the key to successfully recover your valuable data, what is a right professional data recovery then? It is not how branded the recovery centre is, it is also not how long the company had established, it is all about who is handling your data lost job! If a data lost case is handled in a production manner than the risks imposed on the data owner is very high plus the successful rate of recovering those lost data could down to zero! Although data recovery is not a guaranteed service but Data Recovery service is unlike computer repairs, it needs special tools, knowledge and skills in order to maximum the chances of recovering your lost data,


Data Erasure Software

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It is almost impossible to remove all information on your hard drive with the structure and functionality of the operative systems currently available. Format, fdisk and delete commands do NOT remove information stored on your computer. These commands only alter the structure of the drive, leaving most of the data intact and recoverable with available software tools.


Recovery, Erasure and Forensics

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Data Security company Ibas AS, Nordics leading specialist in Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and Data Erasure products and services, is recently acquired by Kroll Ontrack. Ibas has during the past 28 years operations grown from a two-man company in 1978 peaking to a Stock listed company in 2004. Ibas is internationally well respected for its expertise in recovering valuable information for its customers. Many of world’s largest operations and public authorities all over Europe are on Ibas customer list.


Computer Forensics

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Incidents have always happened in the workplace and they always will except now the evidence is based on a computer. Human Rights, international law and protocols require that the incident is handled correctly. The information and facts based on a computer system must be secured and analysed in accordance with accepted international standards. Our Computer Forensic investigations deliver a professional service based on real technical expertise and investigation experience that provides compelling evidence meeting requirements and delivering real value.


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Ibas offers through Professional ExpertEraser™ a total concept for any data erasure need. The solution might include flexible licensing, network-adapted solutions, pre-installed software on hard disks of new PCs, software for erasing servers or training of technical staff.

Professional ExpertEraser™ is made to suit the individual customer. Storage media is erased in a secure and efficient manner using our specially developed tools and hardware. We guarantee that all information is erased from all types of media. Advanced quality control and traceability routines report any irregularity during the erasure process.

Professional ExpertEraser™ from Ibas:Preinstall - pre-installed software on new PCs

Licence Server - network-adapted solutions

Server Eraser - erasing ProLiant servers

Project - customised solutions